Tuesday, July 22, 2014

good news

So it seems Dongguk University is going to be flexible about the documents issue. I managed to obtain the paperwork that DU wants, and will be bringing it to the interview tomorrow. It's not exactly what the uni asked for, but it'll work at least provisionally until the actual paperwork arrives and resolves everything. So I don't have to go into tomorrow's interview nervous that my papers aren't in order. This is in large part thanks to the friendly nature of the Dongguk-based lady I've been working with. She seems very accommodating.

On the Golden Goose front: I just got word that the company finally wants to see my résumé. My contact at GG tells me that there may be a way to push and get me into the company, despite Certain Uncontrollable Circumstances that aren't exactly militating in my favor. So in effect, I've still heard nothing absolutely definite, but this news is another step in the right direction. As much as I'd like to work at Dongguk, if I get an offer from GG first, I'm grabbing it: it's my lifeline to a much, much better financial future. If I were to jump to a salary of W5 million a month, things would instantly start to improve, financially speaking.


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John said...

Sounds encouraging. Good luck tomorrow!