Tuesday, July 15, 2014

off to Seoul!

Armed with a kind suggestion from a colleague for a new, pubeless-yet-cheap yeogwan (inn), I'm off to Seoul in a couple hours. Gotta prep, go to the campus bank to wire cash to my US account, check my student evals of my courses (cringe), withdraw the cash I need for this trip (lots will be spent on taxi fare, I'm sure), and then lumber over to the train station for my 10:30AM ride to East Daegu Station, whereupon I'll take the KTX up to this peninsula's version of Trantor.

Once I'm in Seoul, I need to hit Sookmyung Women's University right away, grab a certificate of employment, physically ferry it over to Dongguk University to complete my application package, then hit Itaewon for dinner with the head of R&D at the Golden Goose. Sometime in the middle of all that hubbub, I have to install myself in the aforementioned yeogwan.

Second day in Seoul: work at KMA, eat a lovely dinner with my buddy Tom on the company tab, and arrange dinner with a lady friend the following night.

Third day in Seoul: I'd like to say that I'm going to be meeting up with a CEO that I had encountered on LinkedIn, but the chump isn't responding to my LinkedIn emails, so I don't think that's happening. I know he's active on LinkedIn because the number of his "connections" keeps rising, so he's probably just ignoring my emails. Bastard. This may end up being something of a free day, except for dinner with my lady friend. Maybe I'll hike up Namsan—something I haven't done in years.

Fourth day in Seoul: who knows? Nothing in particular has been scheduled, but I'll be leaving Seoul around 4PM on Friday. Back in humble Hayang by dinnertime.



Nathan B. said...

Kevin, I don't think I remember: what's stopping you from applying to Sookmyung again?

In any case, I hope things work out well for you in Seoul--and quickly!

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, Nathan. Sookmyung simply didn't advertise any open positions this time around, and I'm not sure I'd accept a position there, anyway: I'm looking to move up the scale in terms of pay, and Sookmyung's salary is pretty low.