Monday, July 28, 2014

boxing day

I've got a few days to kill as I wait for my payment from the KMA gig. For my Korean bank account, I'm down to mon dernier sou, so I'm just eating whatever food I have at home, not going out to eat or shopping for yet more food. KMA is normally super-prompt about paying, so I'm not worried about whether my $490 will be on the way shortly.

Still, there are things I need to shop for, so I did that today. Primarily, what I need are cardboard shipping boxes for the taekbae service (referred to previously), packing tape, and a tape gun. I got the boxes and the tape, but forgot to get the tape gun while I was at E-Mart earlier today, so I'll be grabbing that this evening from a local store.

Now, it's just a matter of boxing things up. There's really no reason to delay sending this stuff off once I get paid; I ought to be sending my boxes north by about August 1st. Tonight, I'll start the boxing; there are plenty of things I can pack up right now.


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