Tuesday, July 01, 2014


I finish June having walked 8,251 steps yesterday and 13,184 steps today (the latter comes out to about 6.2 miles of walking, and 907 calories burned, according to the pedometer). This makes my June average the highest yet. Here's my progression, in terms of monthly averages of steps per day, from October 2013:

Oct '13: 6 steps (yes! I think I switched on the pedometer late in the month)
Nov '13: 3142 steps
Dec '13: 4157 steps
Jan '14: 1661 steps (I was on vacation and did fuck-all during that time)
Feb '14: 2668 steps
Mar '14: 5092 steps
Apr '14: 5940 steps
May '14: 6049 steps
Jun '14: 6197 steps

Since last October, there have been proud days when I surpassed my 10,000-step goal, and there have been shameful days when I walked barely 40 steps for an entire 24-hour period. Somehow, I managed to keep walking despite the intense pain in my left hip joint, but ever since that agony, I no longer take the ability to walk for granted. I'm not quite ready to tempt fate by jogging or by over-stretching that joint, but at some point in the near future I plan to declare myself healed. Right now, I'd say I'm over 90% there; I've been pain-free for about a month. There are still faint twinges of pain, but nothing major. Full range of motion isn't totally back, either, but it's coming along.

Weight is another story. I'm over 128 kilograms again, which puts me back in the 280s, pounds-wise. A day or two of starvation ought to temporarily solve that problem, but making the weight-loss stick will require actual focus and dedication, not to mention a radical change in dietary and sedentary habits.

But for now, I seem to have gotten into a routine of walking around our campus at night. That will probably continue throughout the summer, and that's better than nothing.


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