Saturday, July 26, 2014

playing the hunjang

I'm at KMA right now, finishing up a lunch break. It's a class day today, and I was scheduled to teach from 10AM to 6PM. Yesterday, I had wanted to celebrate my hiring at Dongguk University by splurging on a couple boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but last night, I figured I was too tired, physically and emotionally, to grab the doughnuts and make the long walk back to my yeogwan. So I simply trudged back to my room, turned on the blessed fan and air conditioner, peeled off my sweaty, sticky clothes, and collapsed on the bed.

Today, the high of yesterday's victory has faded somewhat, and I've got two students in class. They're good folks—a man and a woman, both coworkers who are also sales managers for a Korea-based international furniture company. They're also sharp: we're tearing through the course material (which I had designed) at a rapid rate. I hope we don't finish too early.

Anyway, lunch is over. Back to our muttons.


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