Thursday, July 10, 2014

campus panorama

I've been taking nightly walks around my campus to fulfill the 10,000-step requirements of my pedometer. On occasion, when I see an opportunity, I climb up to the top of a building and look out over the landscaped expanse of this local patch of academia. The following picture was taken from the B1 building, also known as Thaddeus Cho Hall. There's a set of exterior steps that allow a person to climb all the way to the rooftop, which strikes me as a good place for kissing, what with the excellent view and the relative silence. (The campus is full of trysting spots, especially at night. I see couples all over the place. Like horny roaches.)

The view you see is that of the Centennial Building, a.k.a. Ignatius Cheon Hall, and its checkerboard plaza. Our school celebrated its centennial a couple months ago; many modern Korean colleges were established in the early 1900s, just before—or right at the beginning of—the Japanese occupation. That these schools have all survived to fête their 100th birthdays is a testament to Korean sticktoitiveness. The centennial plaza features two fountains, one of which is pictured: it's the dark, dome-like structure that emits a mist during the day. Many of us expat faculty members question the artistic merit of such a fountain, but I think it serves a practical purpose in the summertime, allowing people a bit of relief from the oppressive heat and humidity of the Daegu region. The plaza has definitely become a popular destination for lovers; many couples alight there at night, nuzzling and cuddling romantically. Can't say I blame them, although I'd wish for a bit more privacy, away from prying eyes. (Like at the top of a building! That's how Batman would take a woman on a date, I'm sure.)


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