Friday, May 22, 2015

a new culinary low

The grossest thing I've seen in months lurks at the local convenience store. Behold the horror that is chocolate-covered shrimp crunches:

This is a Three Mile Island disaster of a snack. I saw it in the campus CU convenience store; several of my students noticed my facial expression and laughed. "I have to take a picture of this," I declared to more laughter.

Yet I admit I'm curious as to how it tastes. The artificial shrimp flavor and the artificial chocolate flavor might just work together in a way that real shrimp dipped in real chocolate would never work.



Elisson said...

It's all about the combination of salty and sweet. I've had bacon enrobed in milk chocolate - it's absolutely killer. Shrimp might just well work with chocolate if you can overcome your Western predisposition to think the combination gross.

Kevin Kim said...


Yeah, I tweeted about shrimp and chocolate recently.

As for chocolate-covered bacon: here.


Trust an Aussie to find an even lower culinary low. Then again, it could be that that wily Brit Bear Grylls beat you to it—not just a gargle, but a full-on gulp. Several gulps.