Tuesday, May 05, 2015

gyeodeurangi talchwijae

It's Children's Day today (Happy Children's Day, you squirmy little priest-targets!) here in South Korea, and I'm off from my normal Tuesday slog to work at the Golden Goose. Instead of sitting in the office all day, I'll be trundling into downtown to hunt down the ever-elusive armpit deodorant—a product that Koreans, not being nearly as smelly as we Americans of a certain skin tone tend to be (as a half-Korean, I must sadly count myself as more white in this regard), never seem to use. Luckily, I know a few stands at Gwangjang Market that sell deodorant for about W7,000 a stick.*

And since I'll be in the Jongno area, I'm thinking to myself... why not take a nice, long walk up Namsan? Maybe do a double-summit? It's been months and I'm all out of condition, but if you suddenly find yourself with a die to be carpe'ed, then go ahead and carpe diem.

*I buy Gillette. W7,000 is about double the cost of a single stick of Gillette in the States, where a two-pack of Clear Gel sells for about $8.50. Then again, W7,000 is slightly cheaper than the cost of a single stick of Old Spice deodorant in the US.


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