Sunday, May 31, 2015


Sorry. Dinner was so damn good that I didn't think to take pictures of the food until my lady friend's visit was over and done with. So what you're going to see below is, well, just leftovers. Click each image to enlarge it, but before clicking, hover your cursor to see the caption text.


Rory said...

Wow, your apartment is tiny. Very impressed that you can cook such elaborate meals in that space without accidentally frying your elbow.

John (I'm not a robot) said...

Ha! The before pics may be more aesthetically pleasing, but the after photos are a better indicator of how it tasted. Looks like it was another fine effort.

Kevin Kim said...


Yeah, Seungmin loved just about everything except the oi-kimchi, of which she took only the tiniest of samples. She said she knows an American guy named Greg who, although he's currently teaching English at a hagwon in Korea, is actually a trained chef. Seungmin now says she wants to put me up against Greg in some sort of cook-off. I told her I'd definitely lose: I prep and cook very slowly, and let's face it: for all my culinary intuition, I'm not a trained chef.


Yeah, I live in a shoebox. This coming August, though, that's going to change, as I'll be moving into a space that's maybe four or five times the size of where I am now. Assuming I get my F-4 visa, of course. Looking forward to having a real kitchen, as well as enough space to set up a modest dining table and some chairs.