Wednesday, May 27, 2015

a time for planting

South Korea. Find a soccer-field-sized patch of land, and if no one's playing soccer on it, it's gonna become a rice paddy. I took the following picture of a local paddy that I pass by rather early on my walking route (click to enrage):



John said...

Hey Kev,

We might (very tentatively) head up to Korea next April (depending on ticket prices) for a final family trip before Josie graduates High School and heads off to uni. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

Kevin Kim said...


You know I'm getting old. You're coming up next year in April? I'll likely have forgotten who you are by then. But hey, thanks for the heads-up.

Maybe if I can persuade Mike to visit Korea around the same time, we can go together to the Swissôtel and eat some fondue. That would be creepy: a picture of us in the same poses we were in back in the old days—but now just older, uglier, fatter (in my case), and wrinklier.

Seriously, though—this is great news! I look forward to seeing you and the fam. Mari might remember me, but I've never met your daughters, so that'll be a hoot. I promise not to tell too many dirty jokes.

Josie must be about the same age as my goddaughter, or perhaps J is a year younger. My goddaughter's graduating high school in a few weeks, and she's heading off to college in the fall.