Friday, May 01, 2015

now I understand

People always tell me I look younger than my actual age. My students, in particular, are shocked when I reveal that I'm turning 46 later this year. (That's "American age," which begins counting your age at birth. "Korean age" puts you at one lunar year old on the day you're born; after that, your age ratchets up a year every lunar new year. So from my students' perspective, my saying "I'm gonna be 46" sounds, to them, as if I'm saying "I'm gonna be 47.") I often hear that I look as if I'm still in my thirties, and now I know why:

A website called showcases a still-improving guess-my-age algorithm that will scan an online photo of you and guess your age and sex. I found out about this site from Twitter; someone posted a snapshot of the website's attempt at figuring out Jesus' age and sex from a Jesus-on-toast image (result: male, 77).

I need to start digging up pics of my friends to see what the site has to say about their respective ages.


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