Saturday, May 02, 2015

Baltimore postmortems

Don't buy the media's predominant narrative.

Kevin D. Williamson's take.

John McWhorter's take.

The Wall Street Journal's take (paywall).

Good question: who's been in control in Baltimore for the past few decades? Whose policies have led Baltimore to become the shining "Shittye on a Hill" that it is now? As always, when trying to fix blame, it's best to begin with a look in the mirror.

ADDENDUM: The original incident, the catalyst for all this verbiage and vituperation, is of course the death of Freddie Gray, very likely at the hands of the Baltimore police. I haven't lost sight of that point. But please observe that it's the liberal side that tends to think in terms of systems instead of in terms of individuals, and it's the left that made the first move in bringing up issues of institutional racism and other systemic factors as causes of the riots. I was perfectly content to keep the focus on the six arresting officers who, as far as I can tell, were derelict in their duty to protect and serve the public. Without a doubt, Freddie Gray deserved better.


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