Sunday, May 10, 2015

ddeokbokgi revisited

What I had the other night:

Sometimes, I'm just in a bunshik mood, you know? Bunshik is a catchall term for Korean street food, which includes ddeokbokgi—finger-shaped rice cakes and odaeng (also called eomuk), i.e., processed fish-paste sheets in a peppery chili sauce made more subtle by the addition of a touch of sugar and garlic.

I was loath to buy green onions; the local grocer sells enormous bunches, and I'd have used only a tiny fraction of the purchase, leaving the rest to rot in the fridge. So instead of onions, I went with a smaller package of a grass-like vegetable whose name in Korean I don't know. (I failed to look at the label before I threw the wrapping away.) I also added shredded cabbage to give the ddeokbokgi a more robust texture.

It looks as though I'm entering my "Korean" cooking phase, now; I've cooked enough Western food to satisfy that particular jones, so now it's time to return to the other half of my culinary roots. Expect budae-jjigae and other lovely dishes soon.


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