Sunday, September 20, 2015

A/C problems everywhere

Not only was the A/C in our office on the fritz: the A/C in my apartment decided it no longer wanted to blow cold air. A repair guy is coming over at 10:20AM today to see what he can do. If the repairman has any common sense, he'll bring along coolant and whatever tools he needs to make the coolness happen. If he has no common sense (as I suspect will be the case), he'll come with just a tool belt, scratch his head when he sees the problem, and leave again to go grab whatever he needs. Worst-case scenario: he tells me he'll have to come back another day, thus leaving me to stew in my greenhouse of an apartment for several days.

But I'll hope for the best. It could be that the guy will be a miracle worker on the order of Mr. Scott on the Enterprise, and he'll solve the problem in five minutes.


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