Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy Birthday, David!

My brother David turns 39 today, September 14. David was born in 1976, so we've always referred to him as a "bicentennial baby." This makes it easy to remember how old my country is: just take 200 and add David's age.

David's busy as always these days, but on the weekends, he seems to have time for long Skyping sessions with me. Sometimes these sessions include video. Alas, I can see that his hair is going as gray as my other brother Sean's hair is; both of my younger brothers are now grayer-looking than I am. Strange.

I'm happy, though, because I get to see—and room with—David in October when we all meet up in West Virginia for Sean's wedding. My understanding is that it's a nice place we're going to, somewhere out in the woods and mountains. It'll be good to reconnect, however briefly.

I wish I could do more for David's birthday; he's always been very helpful to me—giving me tech advice, updating me on Stateside affairs, and so on—but all I could give him was a small gift. Still, I hope he enjoys it and puts it to good use.

Happy Birthday, David! Love and hugs.


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