Monday, September 07, 2015

the walking route to my place

I work in Daechi-dong, in the Mido Jonghap Sangga—a sort of omnibus, multipurpose building that houses banks, shops, a taekwondo dojang, a full-scale gym, and several businesses, including my company, the Golden Goose. Our building, which is somewhat old and run-down like much of this part of Gangnam, is located just a couple hundred yards from Exit 5 of Daechi Station. The building is shot through with numbered exits. At the end of the day, I pop out of my building's Exit 1, which points toward an apartment complex that I walk through. My walk takes me toward a large creek or stream that crosses my path; the waterway is flanked by hiking/biking trails. I turn left at this point, hit a bridge that crosses over the water, turn right onto the bridge, then turn left at the first major intersection, all of which you'll see in the following pictures. After turning left, I walk straight until I reach my building. All in all, it's about a 30-minute walk, or roughly 1.6 miles. Not that much of a trek, when all is said and done. Thus far, I've taken the subway to work—it's only two stops—but I've walked home almost every day, just to get those 3,000 steps in. I'm still nowhere near getting back up to 14,000 or so steps a day, but that'll come with time.

Without further ado, then, my walking route (hover cursor over images for captions):


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