Sunday, September 20, 2015

A/C update

I had to pay W12,000 for the visit from the A/C repair guy. He didn't fix anything, either: he checked my apartment's wall-mounted unit, then he checked the larger unit out in the hallway, which is where he discovered that the hallway unit (the shil-wae-gi, i.e., the room-outside-machine), being twenty years old, had finally given up the ghost. The fan was no longer working, and neither was the compressor. He said the machine wasn't even worth repairing, so he called a service center to have the thing replaced. I asked him when this would happen; he lamely replied that he had told the center to replace the unit quickly, and that was all he could say about the time frame. So I'm out W12,000, nothing has happened, and I don't know when the damn unit's going to be replaced. The joys of living in an old building.



  1. Even your temper is hot now. But you did get a great bargain on your hanbok, so there's that...

  2. Yeah; my buddy JW had warned that buying a hanbok would set me back around $1000, which is about what I'd guessed myself. Getting a hanbok made for a quarter of the expected price was quite the coup, and that's mainly thanks to ACL's shopping acumen.

    I'm going to tell my boss about having to pay W12,000 for the A/C guy's visit; the boss will likely see to it that I get refunded, and that my company pays the fee instead of me.



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