Monday, September 14, 2015

I look forward to this day

This morning, I'm off to Goyang City to pick up my alien-registration card (ARC), which will have a spanking-new F-4 visa inscribed on it. You have no idea how happy this makes me. This visa opens all sorts of doors and windows of opportunity; it means I can move about almost as freely as a Korean citizen. This is important: the visa isn't linked to an employer, which means I can walk out of a bad job if I want to.

Once I get the visa, I need to zip right back to Gangnam to visit the Gangnam District Office, where I have to register my change of address. Once that's done, I go back to the Daechi region to sign my life away at Human Resources. The HR office of the Golden Goose is just up the street from where I work, a short walk away. I'll go there, sign my employment contract, and voilà—I'll be officially employed, officially salaried, and life will move forward. Things at the Golden Goose haven't been entirely ideal (see my "frank" post on the subject), but there's been a promise that conditions will improve once I've put in a year with the company. We'll see.

What's important is that I'm getting my F-4 today, and that's reason enough to celebrate.



Dan said...

Congrats. Been a long time reader of the blog. Used to work at DCU down south. Small world, eh? Now up in Seoul. Currently working in the job Charles used to have. Hope we can all sit down to dinner one day. -Dan

Kevin Kim said...


Greetings! So you're working at 외대? How are you enjoying it?

Everyone sits down to dinner with Charles eventually. It's unavoidable. The man's a socialite, although I don't know how he squares that with his introversion.

Anyway, thanks for your patronage! Another one of my five readers.