Thursday, September 03, 2015

part of my walking route

Here are two pics that show some of the greener parts of my walk home. The first pic won't do anything if you click it; the second pic will enlarge if you click it.

My walk takes me away from Mido Jonghap-sangga, the building where I work, and through a large apartment complex. Once I hit the Yangjae Stream, I turn left, follow the stream to a bridge (Myeongdong Bridge #6), turn right, climb some stairs, use the bridge to cross over the stream, turn left at the intersection pointing toward Daecheong Station, and walk straight to my building, the awesome and imposing Daecheong Tower. It's about a thirty-minute walk, all told. Above, you see the walkway that runs parallel to the stream before I reach the bridge. In the picture below (click to enlarge), you'll see the view from atop the bridge:

I still haven't walked to work; I've only walked from work. When the weather gets cooler, I'll doubtless do the round trip on foot. And very soon, I'll be tackling the two local mountains. Much awesomeness to ensue as I get back on track, health-wise.


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