Thursday, September 24, 2015

spaghetti it is, then

My boss has told us that we need to come in this Saturday for a half-day's extra work on a textbook project. This will involve massive proofreading of hard copies of the manuscript (I've already stayed late—twice this week—proofing the electronic files, which got sent off to our printer, who will be sending us hard copies to look over tomorrow and Saturday), so that's mostly on me, as I'm the resident proofreader/editor, although the boss and my coworker will be sharing the workload.

I had thought about cooking a pre-Chuseok meal for the boss and my coworker (let's just call them The Men from now on), so I emailed them last night to ask about their meal preferences since we all have to work an extra half-day on Saturday. (Before I found out we had Saturday work to do, I had originally wanted to know whether The Men would be up for a Friday meal served in the office. When Saturday was put on the table, I changed the day to Saturday, and the boss suggested we have the meal at my place as a sort of housewarming-ish party.)

I offered the following selection:

1. spaghetti bolognese + caprese salad
2. American-style Chinese cashew chicken + oi-kimchi
3. chicken and pasta with pesto + caprese
4. Southern comfort food: pulled-pork sandwiches, cole slaw, sweet frank-and-beans
5. choucroute alsacienne (wurst/meats + sauerkraut + apples + potatoes, all cooked in beer)
6. budae-jjigae + rice + oi-kimchi (or Korean-style slaw)
7. Tex-Mex: taco salad

Today, the boss said he's partial to the bolognese—but with meatballs—while my coworker said he was fine with whatever, as long as there was no seafood involved.

So—bolognese on Saturday it is: The Men will be coming over to my place for a sort of housewarming-ish party, and we'll eat a late lunch of spaghetti bolognese, insalata caprese, some sort of Korean slaw that takes advantage of the ton of apples I'd been given as a Chuseok gift, garlic bread, and God only knows what else.


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