Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ch-ch-ch-ch-changes and other news

I've gotten my new mailing address listed on iHerb, now that I've moved, and I celebrated the address change by ordering three bottles' worth of psyllium-fiber capsules (for great justice). I've also done an address change for Wi Mae Peu (We Make Price), the delivery company that had proven to be such a pain in the ass in the past. Ideally, now that I have a stable address that can accept large parcels in my absence, I shouldn't have the same troubles anymore. WMP's prices really are much cheaper than those at most brick-and-mortar stores, so I'd like to get back to using them.

In other news: I had ordered, back in mid-August, a "licensing kit" to get myself licensed and registered as a minister able to solemnize marriages in the state of West Virginia. The kit had arrived at my brother David's house, and David sent the package to me care of Dongguk University on August 24th. Over the past 30-plus days, I've contacted Dongguk several times and have heard nothing. I've also tried contacting USPS via its online query/complaint forms, but so far nada, and I'm getting antsy. My brother Sean's wedding is in just another couple of weeks. I've reordered the kit and have asked David to scan the documents inside it so that he can email them to me, after which I'll fill out the docs and email them to the appropriate county clerk and the Secretary of State of West Virginia. In theory, that'll all be done this week, and I'll be able to enjoy a stress-free flight back to the States in mid-October.



brier said...

Once I had important documents coming from the states mysteriously take a few months to arrive. Never understood why. This was with regular USPS mail.

Hope you documents arrive soon.

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks, but given that I've reordered those documents, if they show up in Korea within the next day or so, I might be kinda pissed off.