Friday, September 11, 2015

ambitious plan

I scrubbed down my bathroom last night; it's still not perfect, but its looks are much improved. I therefore feel freed up to go do some stuff this weekend, such as hike the local mountains and maybe even hit the gym of which I'm now a member. I'm in horrible cardiovascular shape, having regressed almost to where I was before my first semester at Dongguk. Walking thirty minutes home, on fairly level ground, is enough to leave me winded. I don't expect to give a stellar performance when hiking up Daemo-san tomorrow, but all I want to do, afin de sauver l'honneur, is just not stop before I reach the first peak (the other peak is for the adjoining mountain, Guryong-san). I can go slowly, if necessary, but the point is to keep moving. Here's hoping I don't croak from a heart attack.

On Monday, I hit the Goyang Immigration Office to pick up my F-4 visa. Will have to celebrate that. At the very least, I'll scan my card and show it off to you, Dear Reader. Hopefully, by the time next week begins, I'll have started cooking for myself—low-carb food, preferably—and I'll have begun to make it a habit to both hike up the local mountain and to use the gym. We'll see. Fighting laziness is an uphill battle.


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