Tuesday, September 22, 2015

here late

I've racked up over 10,000 steps just at work alone, but that's partly because I'm stuck in the office until later tonight: we're working on a rushed project given to us at the last minute (sound familiar to anyone else who lives in Korea?), and I've got to get a shitload done tonight, then come in tomorrow and stay late again until the whole damn thing is done. The reward at the end of all this is that we might get Tuesday off, along with Monday, for Chuseok weekend. (I did, however, hear rumors that our company would be granting Tuesday to its workers all the same, so being granted a Tuesday that's already being given isn't much of a reward. How about Wednesday off, too, Boss?)



  1. Um, Tuesday is already officially part of the Chuseok holiday. It's what the government calls a 대체공휴일, as the holiday itself falls on the weekend (specifically, Sunday is already considered a 공휴일). I suppose they don't technically have to give everyone Tuesday off, but I suspect you would have a lot of unhappy people if they didn't. So unless they end up giving you Wednesday off, it sounds like they're doing a snow job on you.

  2. Snow job it is, then, because there's a real chance we'll have to work Tuesday, which is why there's any talk at all about having Tuesday off (instead of understanding that having Tuesday off is a foregone conclusion).

  3. USFK grants it's Korean employees Tuesday off as well. Us miguks get Monday only.



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