Saturday, September 19, 2015

hanbok shopping

Today, I'm meeting a lady friend to go hanbok shopping. This ought to be fun. My buddy JW strongly advised me to rent, and not buy, a hanbok because, as he said, I wouldn't end up wearing it that often, anyway. We'll be starting our hunt for clothing in Gwangjang Market, possibly moving toward some of the clothiers in Dongdaemun, then finishing up with an early dinner at a highly recommended Uzbek restaurant called Samarkand. Along the way, I need to buy an electric fan for my office, given that our A/C is out.

I had first heard of Samarkand while working at Dongguk; some colleagues had mentioned it. I've since seen some online reviews of the place by expats, all of whom agree on the deliciousness and the cheapness of the culinary experience. It's too bad I don't drink: Samarkand apparently also sells certain vodkas at a tenth of the going rate found in Korean restaurants. Not to worry: I hope to try a wide sampling of Samarkand's meat dishes—samsa, golubsty, shaslik, chizbif, pelmeni, and plov. I think I'll pass on the borscht, thanks.


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