Monday, September 14, 2015

F-4 update

I had wanted to do several things today:

1. go to Goyang and pick up my ARC with the F-4 visa
2. go to the Gangnam District Office to register my change of address
3. go to my company's HR department and sign my contract

I did item (1) and left Immigration elated, catching the eye of one of the cute staffers and doing a victorious fist pump. She smiled.

After that, things didn't go so well, but I didn't mind: I had my F-4.

The Gangnam District office told me that I had to bring my contract and my certificate of employment (jaejik-jeungmyeongseo), so I said I'd be back later. I tried to hit our HR department, but there was no one in the office, so a different staffer told me to call back later and make an appointment. I'll be going to HR tomorrow, then hitting the Gangnam District Office again once I've gotten my paperwork. Bureaucracy is always exasperating, but given that I now have the thing I've wanted for so long, nothing can exasperate me.

At least for now.


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