Saturday, October 14, 2017

barrier broken: 115.0 kg


This morning, I weighed myself and came in at 115.0 kg, which means I've finally broken through the unbreakable 116-kilo floor that has plagued me for so long. You'll recall that I reached 116 kg (down from 126 kg) back in mid-May, at the end of my Seoul-Busan walk. I regained some weight over the ensuing months, but I managed to keep from regaining everything I had lost, never going up further than 119 kg. For the past several weeks, I've been fluctuating somewhere in the 116-118-kg region, and this week, thanks to a bit of fasting plus continued creekside-staircase exercise, I finally got down to today's weight. This is good news because I'm now off to see the doc, so maybe I'll have some (good?) blood-pressure and blood-sugar numbers to slap up later today. Fingers and tentacles crossed.

In other news: I'm working a full eight hours today, then I'll be seeing "Blade Runner 2049" either tonight or tomorrow morning.

NB: earlier, this post announced "115.5 kg" as my new weight, but I've been exuberantly diarrhetic this morning, so when I weighed myself again just now, 115.0 was the new weight. This just goes to show you how much your weight can fluctuate thanks to liquids, so yes, I'm mindful of the fact that my new weight might be only the most temporary of losses, and that it might not represent true fat loss.

UPDATE: back from the doc, and while my blood-sugar numbers were so-so at 160 (the doc said this was "okay" for someone of my size and current state of health, who has eaten breakfast, but I suspect that 160 is the very, very high end of "okay"; see more here), my blood pressure turned out to be the lowest it's ever been: 120/75. That's healthier than a horse, so of course I'm celebrating by having pizza and Coke for lunch. I'll be back to exercising tomorrow or Monday. For the moment, though, I must party.


TheBigHenry said...

"Fingers and tentacles crossed."

Careful not to cross testicles!

John Mac said...

Well done!

Kevin Kim said...


Duly noted.



Surprises Aplenty said...

Congrats, Kevin!