Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Vegas redux

A commenter writes in (slightly edited) re: my first Vegas post:

Re: the automatic weapon in Las Vegas. Not illegal at all. Just expensive. Really expensive. The licensing (notice "-ing," not simply "license") is quite prohibitive. Cost of weapon is entirely on top of that. And generally, a fully automatic weapon costs several multiples of an equivalent, semi-automatic-only version of the same weapon.

Re: Fog Of War. Yes. Again, yes.

Further thoughts:
- Shooter attacked about the whitest event there is in the USA: a country-music event. By a white guy. Seems statistically unusual.

- The shooter is over 60 years old. That seems to be WAY outside the usual statistics of shootings.

- Automatic weapon. I wonder if it will turn out to be a weapon that was manufactured as full-automatic (read: this guy had sufficient funds at his disposal to (I'm guessing) legally obtain a fully automatic rifle), or he modified a weapon that wasn't manufactured as automatic (read: he followed through on some involved planning going back quite some time ahead of today's events).

- The female "roommate," a.k.a., "The Person Of Interest." Every account I read listed her weight (at 4' 11") as 111 lbs. Even when the height wasn't listed, she was listed as, "[name], 111 lbs." Not much to comment on there... that her weight was there and not her height just caught my eye... and the weight ALWAYS made the story text... the height didn't show up until the fifth article that I read.

- I'm curious how hard the reports will push this story once something unflattering to the left comes up. Statistically, he's likely to be a Bernie Sanders voter (white guy who shoots lots of other white people in 2017).

- I still can't get over the shooting [being at] a country music event. Again, about as white as you get (in terms of audience). And the shooter (it appears right now) was (at least) fairly white. And he was over 60. The age alone makes this an unusual puzzle.

Over on YouTube, Styx comments:

Phil DeFranco:

Paul Joseph Watson, pointing out hypocrisies as always:

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