Wednesday, October 04, 2017


I ended up checking into the expensive-but-nice EG Hotel. The place is great for W90,000 (it had better be); no problems to report. The helpful ladies at the front desk pointed me across the street to where all the restaurants are; I chose a Chinese place (with actual Chinese staffers barking nasally at each other in Chinese) and ordered the gganpunggi plus gun-mandu. The chicken wasn't very crunchy, but I enjoyed the small, flavorful dumplings. The service was frazzled and confused; it took a while to get napkins and chopsticks, both of which ought to have been on the table from the get-go.

The final photo below shows something I haven't seen in years: Shasta brand black-cherry soda! This was truly a holy-shit moment for me; Shasta, like RC Cola, takes me way back to my childhood. The can's design looks different, more tricked-up and modern, but the soda's taste matches what's in my memory.

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