Wednesday, October 25, 2017

two from Pepple

Philoblogger John Pepple has been on fire lately, writing a few short posts in rapid succession.

Here's one on Catalonian independence:

The lesson here is not at all what some were imagining at the start of the independence campaign. The lesson now is not going to be about the independence of other regions of Spain or of Scotland or of California. No, it’s going to be about using force and how effective it is. For the last fifty years or so, there have been protests by people who basically were allowed to do whatever they wanted without generating much in the way of backlash from the authorities. This time it was different.

And here's one on "Weinstein, Feminists, and Muslims":

Keep in mind that all these feminists who are now piling onto men who engaged in sexual misconduct in Hollywood are the same ones who said little or nothing about the news from Rotherham or Cologne. Some of us warned that there would be problems for women if all those refugees were let in, and we were called racist.

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