Thursday, October 19, 2017

Net woes

For the past three days, my internet connectivity has gone to shite. I've tried all the fixes I know (admittedly not that many), but the time has come to call in a specialist to see what the hell is going on. I'll be doing that this morning, before I head out for work.

More updates soon.

UPDATE 1: the problem may be with the ancient modem to which I originally attached my computer. The modem was already in my apartment when I moved in. It has four lights on it that tell you the modem's status: power, link, data, and LAN. The LAN light is out, and my MacBook Air laptop was sending me confusing messages earlier today, e.g., that there was no internet connection even though some websites were loading on my browser. I suspect the lack of Net connection comes from the lack of LAN. I had also had a router attached to my computer setup, and that led to the paradoxical message that I had a strong Wi-Fi signal but no Wi-Fi connection. Something is definitely Not Right. The modem has a customer-service number printed on its underside, but the number is no longer in existence. The modem's manufacturer, Tellion, has a website, but when I tried the number listed on the website, that also failed to lead to anything. Given how old the modem is, I suspect Tellion no longer exists.

Anyway, I've written a long email in Korean to my company's HR department. A coworker in my office recently had almost exactly the same problem, and HR helped her by sending a repairman who simply replaced the recalcitrant modem with a new one. I'm hoping that, if I get a new modem, it'll lead to much faster internet-connection speeds than what I've had thus far. My ancient apartment building's Net connectivity has been molasses-slow since I've been here; several trips to have confirmed this.

UPDATE 2: the HR department will be sending someone to my place on Monday, so I can look forward to three more days without internet.

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