Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Incheon Walk, Day 3 assessment

Pedometer stats:

380 min of walking time
37,167 steps (97.8 steps/min)
17.42 miles walked (dubious, but felt like it today)
2711 calories burned (gross)

I'm chilling in the EG Hotel, in a much more expensive room for the night. Everything is perfect except for the computer's keyboard, which has a wonky space bar that is currently making typing a chore. Today's walk was short but somewhat painful, which made it feel longer than it actually was. My right foot's blister continues to grow and ache and throb, but visually, it's still little more than a tender spot on my sole.

Early in the walk, I met up with my friend Brian, who lives in the Incheon-ish area, east of Incheon proper. As chronicled in earlier posts, we walked and talked and partook of Bundaberg ginger beer, that heavenly ambrosia. The spiders weren't out on their webs in the early morning, prompting me to wonder where they had gone, but as the air warmed up, they began appearing at their posts, and that's how we managed, at long last, to get that magnificent shot of one of the largest such spiders I had ever seen.

Brian and I parted ways after a while, and I finished my walk solo. It was, according to Naver, about a 28-kilometer trek back into town. Technically, I'm in western Seoul; the city is wider than you might think. Tomorrow's final leg will thus be from Seoul to Seoul, about 32 or 33 km (or longer, if I get confused in Yeouido again). My feet will be a blubbering mess by the end, if today was any indication, but it will have been worth it, even if it means foot pain for the next week or so.

This is my first time actually retracing a large part of the Gukto Jongju; it feels strange to pass by landmarks that I had passed only just the other day. With a lighter backpack on my back, and with the overall flatter route, I don't feel I'm losing much weight this time around, despite the caloric expenditure. I said earlier that, like during my big walk, I could eat with impunity, but I think, this time, that my bad dietary habits are merely nullifying the effects of all the walking. We'll know more when I step on the scales Friday morning. I do know, though, that my resting heart rate is once again dropping significantly, which is always a good thing.

I'm dead tired, so I think I'll end here for tonight. Up at 5:15AM for the final leg.

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