Tuesday, October 24, 2017

"Kingsman" actors try Korean fried chicken and beer

Whatever your feelings on "Kingsman," you might find this amusing: Taron Egerton and Mark Strong were recently in Seoul, where they met up with Josh, the young, Korean-speaking Brit who runs the popular YouTube channel Yeongguk Namja (Englishman). Josh set the stars up with a boatload of Korean fried chicken, and it's all on video for your delectation:

The Korean title of the video (small font, top of screen) says "(What's the) Reaction of 'Kingsman' Actors Trying Korean Chicken-and-Beer for the First Time?" Thankfully, we don't see the Brits reacting to Korean beer, which is, from what I hear, generally piss on the order of generic American beer.


Charles said...

Korean beer is like American beer in that your typical macrobrews--Hite, Cass, OB--are very much like your typical US macrobrews--Budweiser, Miller, etc. There are, however, some very good craft beers on both sides (although if I'm being honest I think the US still has the craft brew edge).

King Baeksu said...

Holy crap, I could only endure a minute of that video. What's up with all the jump-cuts? Can "English Man" not manage takes of more than three seconds? Does he have some sort of speech impediment?

His presentation style is exceedingly Korean, which is to say aimed at tweens afflicted by ADHD. Very cringy.

I think I need to go buy some aspirin.

Kevin Kim said...


Like the now-defunct "Eat Your Kimchi," Josh is popular (2 million subscribers) because—as you see—he panders to Koreans by aiming for the spastic middle of the pop-culture bell curve.

As for "speech impediment"—yeah, I find his accent dodgy at best. He's kind of fluent, I guess, but very hard to understand. (In which case we could ask whether he really is fluent. Understandability is a hallmark of fluency, ja? Would his show survive if it weren't subtitled?)