Monday, October 30, 2017

flights of lasagnas sing thee to thy rest

I just bought a mess of Italian cheeses—plus one French cheese—that are going to be mixed together into one titanic pile, then slathered onto lasagna pasta and cooked for a massive lunch this coming Friday. I don't have any large baking dishes, which means I'll have to cook a small armada of mini-lasagnas.* Each dish will contain enough lasagna for 2-3 servings (which is not the same as saying 2-3 people). I suppose I'll also need to prep garlic bread and caprese; the latter will have to happen on Friday morning.

Yikes, come to think of it, I guess a pesto will also have to be in the works...

*Our R&D department just acquired its tenth and final member, a second graphic designer who speaks almost no English, so... une bouche de plus à nourrir.

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