Saturday, October 07, 2017

calling all geography buffs

From a YouTube channel that I subscribe to, I learned of the existence of a fun site called Country Quiz. Go to the site, fill in your name (the site asks for no other information), then start playing. The idea is that you have to guess what country is being referred to. You're given two types of hints: one is visual; the other is lexical. The lexical hint comes in the form of, "This country's name has [X number of] letters in it." The visual hint comes in the form of a slew of photographs showing wildlife, landscape, people, and even flags. If you think you know the answer, type it in the space at the very bottom. I was able to get the first twelve challenges correct, all in a row, without cheating. After that winning streak, I lost my courage and left the site so I could enjoy my 100% record. Admittedly, some of the challenges are easy, e.g., when one photo shows you the leaning tower of Pisa, or another photo shows you the Taj Mahal. I loved the photo spread for South Africa, though; I was able to guess that country based on what I knew about its wildlife. That was a thrilling moment. (So was Mongolia, which I was able to guess thanks to all the pictures of steppe with mountains in the background, plus a shot of what was obviously the Gobi Desert.)

Go challenge yourself!

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