Thursday, October 26, 2017

the alt-right... explained?

Prager University takes a stab at explaining the alt-right:

I have no idea how true or accurate this explanation is—there are so many competing definitions of the term "alt-right" out there—but I appreciate its concision and precision. At the same time, the viewer has to keep in mind that Prager U. is a voice for a more mainstream version of conservatism, so of course there's a great deal of bias and skew on display.


King Baeksu said...

Response to PragerU - What Is the Alt-Right?

Prager U's Shallow Dive

These colorblind conservatards always duck the central issue: "Individualism" is a losing proposition in multiracial societies that are dominated by tribal politics.

Prague University is really just a day-care center.

King Baeksu said...

*Prager (Autocorrect!)

King Baeksu said...

Official Alt-Right outlets are not at all impressed by Prager Day-Care Center:

Michael Knowles From Prager U Tries To School The Alt-Right

If you’re going to make an appeal to authority, make sure the authority agrees with you. It seems you are the one who believes the founding fathers naive and misguided.

The Obvious Kalergite Agenda of PragerU

PragerU was founded and is run by an Orthodox Jew called Dennis Prager and releases well animated videos fronting the most stereotypical cuckservative positions you have ever seen. Pure cuckservatism is the best ideology for the Jews: strong on Israel and weak on immigration. To them, the far-left are less trustworthy because they have a tendency to oppose apartheid Israel.

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks for the links. Even before I saw your links, I was chary because the presenter's thesis struck me as a vast oversimplification: for him, the alt-right overlaps at least 90% with leftism. Even with as little as I know about the alt-right, that didn't sound correct.

King Baeksu said...

"Soft multiculturalism," in my estimation, can only work if the core racial or ethnic population remains somewhere between 80% or 90% of the total, and other minorities are encouraged to assimilate into the dominant culture.

"Hard multiculturalism," in which there is no common culture or supermajority population, is ultimately unworkable as tribal politics take over in the brute struggle for resources, and society rapidly balkanizes.

The Alt-Right offer a compelling case that the link between culture and race is more than just skin deep, and for this reason the "American experiment" is doomed if current immigration levels are not radically curtailed.

The ideologues at PragerU want us to believe that tribalism is not an essential feature of human nature, but in my 25 years abroad, experience and evidence tell me otherwise.

I fear that most South Koreans naively believe that "hard multiculturalism" is a wondrous utopia that will solve all its demographic problems, such as declining birthrates and an aging population, but as is often the case with human beings, they may need to eat much bitter rice before they finally learn their lesson.