Wednesday, October 25, 2017

internet fiasco and aftermath

When my Net service went out last Wednesday, I spoke with my building's lobby guard/concierge about what to do, and he said I'd need to talk to whichever company was supplying the connection. I went back, checked my modem, and discovered it was a KT/Tellion device. As I may have blogged before, finding the customer-service contact was impossible: the phone number listed on the modem's underside was no longer in service, and the same was true for the phone number listed on the Tellion website. KT, which is a huge telecom company, has its own customer-service number somewhere, but the company makes that number devilishly hard to find via online search (shades of, which also doesn't like it when customers try to phone in).

So I did what a coworker of mine did and contacted my own company's HR department. I was told that someone would be sent out on Monday. Monday morning, around 10AM, I emailed HR to ask when the repairman would arrive, as I hoped to leave my place by 11AM (I get to work late, and I stay late, but I always put in my nine* hours). HR replied that the repairman would be by around 11AM, so please wait. I waited... and waited... and waited. Three fucking hours later, I emailed HR to say I wouldn't be waiting any longer and would go to work. HR said they had heard that the repairman had come by. I testily responded that I had been in my place all day, wasting my time, and no one had come by. Eventually, it turned out that HR had dispatched a repairman to Ilsan—a completely different city—because the HR staffer with whom I'd been talking had somehow thought I was a Kevin who worked at my company's Ilsan branch. Profuse apologies followed; I tiredly replied that it was okay because it was Monday, and we all hate Mondays. HR said they would reschedule a visit ASAP.

End result: when I got back to my place around 2AM Tuesday morning (I had stayed at my office very late because I had arrived very late after having wasted 3.5 hours waiting for the repairman), I saw that items on my desk had been moved, which meant that someone had been in my place. I immediately deduced that the repairman had come by and restored Net service (I had given my apartment's pass code to HR; they doubtless relayed that code to the repairman), which turned out to be the correct surmise. As happened with my coworker, my ancient modem had been switched out with a newer one, which is also a KT/Tellion modem, so I guess Tellion, as a company, still exists. Given the outdated phone number and un-updated website, I had assumed that Tellion had disappeared.

For what it's worth, I'm back in business and no longer obliged to perform all my personal online activity at the office. I did, however, enjoy using my office's super-fast Net connection and extra-large monitors to watch the remainder of Season 7 of "Game of Thrones." Now, the only worry I have is a remark that the repairman made to HR regarding my laptop: the repairman thinks it may have a virus or some other problem. I'm pretty sure it's not a virus, given that this is a Mac (I know: Macs can get viruses, too, but only rarely), but I do know there's something wrong with my computer, given the quirky way in which its low-capacity internal drive fills up so easily with data. If there were a Mac Genius Bar somewhere nearby, I'd schedule an appointment for my machine, but since there isn't, I'm probably not going to do much of anything for the nonce.

*That's eight hours of work plus an hour for lunch.

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