Thursday, October 26, 2017

the most badass article ever

You will actually feel your testicles growing inside your pants* as you read this tough-as-nails-no-tougher-than-T.rex-claws article about fighting and killing techniques as taught by expert Tim Larkin. I swear, some of the wisdom I read in this article could be easily applied outside the context of hand-to-hand combat:

"Probably the most controversial thing that we advocate is to focus on stopping someone via causing an injury, rather than trying to block an attack."

"When you look at the videos of real violence, real fights, it is the people who try to block or protect themselves that end up getting stabbed, kicked or punched to death."

"If you choose to ignore the tool of violence, then it is only going to be available to the predators."

"A lot of the martial arts schools will teach you clever-looking techniques that look great but don't actually work in the real world. But what you've got to do is inflict enough pain for your opponent to literally seize up."

"Here's the issue with 'proportionate response': it is a great theory, but the only ones who are actually concerned by it are law-abiding citizens. Most of the time you're facing someone who is going to use a disproportionate level of violence, and most likely you'll be facing multiple attackers."

"When a population lives with the threat of violence, they know how to use it against perpetrators when necessary. Here in the West we're not willing to do that, and it leaves us frighteningly vulnerable."

Tim Larkin: America's answer to Sun-tzu.

*And, ladies: you will actually feel yourselves growing testicles as you read this article.

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