Thursday, February 08, 2018

Ave, ROK Drop!

All praise, glory, and honor to ROK Drop for posting an embedded tweet in which there is a link to an interesting Washington Post (gack!) article about Kim Hyon-hui, the trained spy and terrorist who blew up an airplane in the 1980s, killing 115 people, mostly South Koreans, on orders from the North Korean government. The idea was to sow panic and discord before the 1988 Olympics. Incredibly, Kim ended up being pardoned by President Noh (Roh) Tae-woo, who reasoned that Kim was merely an instrument of her government and not the actual cause of those airline passengers' deaths. Kim has since been living a quiet existence in South Korea, occasionally pondering her sins and thinking about how much of a sham the North's propaganda and ideology were and are. She wrote a book titled Tears of My Soul, which I am now interested in buying and reading.

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