Wednesday, February 28, 2018

wow—my guest room is much better than my regular apartment

As I suspected, the guest room into which I've been moved is much, much nicer than my current shitty apartment. Decent wallpaper, bright color schemes, a bathroom that doesn't look like a moldy, skanky third-world shithole (yeah, I said it), a larger kitchenette, power sockets in places that make sense, a blazing-fast internet connection, and much more. However, the guest room lacks two things: (1) a good view out the window (this room doesn't face directly east), and (2) wall space against which to place all my shelving and storage.

So—do I request a move? There are problems with going that route. First, I don't even know if it's possible to move into this room in particular. Second, if I'm really leaving this August, then it's not worth having a non-shitty room for only a few months. Third, moving is a big project, and I'm not feeling all that industrious. Fourth, I suspect I'd miss the beautiful easterly view I currently have. So all in all, I'm not that motivated to move, despite how nice this apartment is. Ah, well. My time will come eventually, and I'll settle into a decent apartment in good time. That, or I'll move back to the States with the money I've saved and settle into a nice house. Maybe somewhere in Wyoming.

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Charles said...

Bathrooms around the world are extremely offended by your comments.

Also... Wyoming?