Thursday, February 01, 2018

SOTU reactions in my ambit

Styx's official reaction to the SOTU address:

Paul Joseph Watson takes on the idiots' reaction to the SOTU:

Lastly, Phil DeFranco points out some problems with Trump's claims:


Kevin Kim said...

I have to think that Trump, media guy that he is, knew perfectly well that the SOTU would make the Dems look bad every time they refused to stand and/or applaud the improvements that, until so recently, the Dems themselves had said they were for. Now, it looks as if the Dems care nothing for their constituents—especially the Congressional Black Caucus, which now looks utterly out of touch with the concerns of regular black folks—and they may even actively stand against the improvements Trump mentioned. This is going to come back to bite the #Resist crowd in November. It might not cause defections, but it will sure solidify the base.

And let's say that Phil DeFranco is right, and Trump is merely inheriting some of those improvements. If that's the case, and if these fucking jokers are aware of that, then how does it make sense for them to refuse to applaud those improvements? No matter how you slice it, the Dem reaction to the SOTU makes no sense and only harms the Dems. No matter how you slice it, Trump comes out on top, Dem post-speech grumbling notwithstanding.

King Baeksu said...

What are the Dems actually "resisting," save for the democratic will of the American people?

Not only did Trump trounce Hillary by a whopping 77 Electoral Collage votes (and likely more given widespread reports of voter fraud), but the GOP also controls both chambers of Congress. Why can't the Dems admit that they're simply out of touch with the American people?

The era of globalism is coming to a close, as it's clearly a bad deal for most ordinary people in the West especially. If the Dems want to keep pushing their Open Borders BS, they're going to be asshurt for a good while longer.

King Baeksu said...

I've said this before, but the Dems & Media are living out a horror movie. This is the police station scene from the original Terminator. They've unloaded everything they've got and he's still strolling down the hallway towards you.

Read the whole thread and then prepare to have your mind blown when you see who wrote it.

Kevin Kim said...

Given the "horror movie" imagery, I thought that was Scott Adams, who has used the image of two groups of people watching the same movie but seeing it as two completely different movies.