Sunday, February 04, 2018

garbage plate: the variant

The two pics below show tonight's meal: a venerable variant of the garbage plate that includes burger patties (or, in this case, one six-ounce [approx. 170 g] burger patty).

I did the potatoes differently, using fresh Italian parsley this time around. The result was fantastic, and I regretted that Tom and Charles couldn't have had these potatoes instead of the overly rosemaryed ones they had eaten.

While I still don't think I'll be making garbage plates again anytime soon, tonight's meal felt more like a proper garbage plate than did the meal on Saturday. Sorry, guys.


John Mac said...

Yesterday's version is certainly more visually appealing, to my eyes at least.

Kevin Kim said...

Not sure what you mean by "yesterday." You're writing this comment on a Monday, so "yesterday's version" could mean "Sunday's version." But you're responding to a blog post written on a Sunday, so "yesterday's version" could mean "the previous day's version," i.e., the Saturday garbage plate.

Charles said...

I knew we were just guinea pigs.

Kevin Kim said...


Seems that way. Sorry about that. The Sunday potatoes really were magnificent. I won't redo the garbage plate, but I'll try to incorporate the taters in some future lunch or dinner.

John Mac said...

Yeah, I meant Saturday's version. Sorry for the confusion.