Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Harpy Ballantine's Deigh!

Och aye! 'Tis duh Fart-teent, yah fookin' eedjits!
(OK, granted, that's more of an Oyrish accent than a Scottish one...)

This is a time-released post. I'm actually off to see "Black Panther" in the morning (expect a review later in the day), then I'll be walking from Jamshil to the Daechi neighborhood to check up on a gym next to my office... where I'll be seeing how much a personal trainer costs. If a trainer ends up costing too much, I've got a Plan B.

My Lunar New Year's break starts today (Wednesday the 14th). For those unaware of how it works here in Korea: whenever there's a huge national holiday like Lunar New Year, there's the day itself, and it's normally surrounded by days that are also national holidays. In 2018, the official Seollal (New Year's Day) is Friday the 16th, which means that that date is flanked by off-days on the 15th (Thursday) and the 17th (Saturday). My company was merciful and decided to let us all off on Wednesday as well, thus resulting in a much-coveted five-day weekend. I had thought about walking to Incheon and back, but instead, I'll be walking locally, probably no more than five hours a day, plus doing some apartment-staircase work. You know—for that beach body I'm gonna have by July.

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day for those of you lucky enough to have Funny Little Honeys. May your day be full of smooches and cuddles. Or steak and blowjobs. Whatever works.

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  1. Happy Ballantine's Day!

    Personally, I much prefer the alternative holiday, Balvenie Day, which happens whenever I feel like pulling a bottle down off of my shelf and sipping a dram.

    HJ and I are also going to see Black Panther this evening as part of our Valentine's Day celebrations. I doubt I will be writing a review, though. Heck, I've not even written by Star Wars review yet. I am so lazy.



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