Saturday, February 10, 2018

this cracked me up

I'm subscribed to Jeremy Jahns on YouTube. Jahns is an online movie reviewer; his reviews are normally short and punchy. But every once in a while, Jahns will do something other than a review, and in this case, he decided to comment on a meme that had just sprung up in response to the new trailer for "Venom," which stars Tom Hardy (Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises," and Max in "Mad Max: Fury Road"). The meme in question involves snarky comments about the 1:16 moment in the trailer, which shows a shoulders-up shot of Tom Hardy lying on his back, possibly in a hospital bed, and suddenly screaming and thrashing. Jahns reads aloud some of the snarky comments, then immediately cuts to the clip of Hardy freaking out. Some of you might find such humor repetitive: Jahns does this almost twenty times. But me, I laughed like a drooling idiot every—single—damn—time.

When you nut, and she keeps on sucking...

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