Thursday, December 12, 2019


I'm currently averaging 1398 visits per day on my blog. Of course, I can't trust this blog's site tracker; it's much more generous, in how it counts visits, than SiteMeter ever was. I'd say it's about 2-3 times more generous, in fact, so if I split the difference and divide 1398 by 2.5, I get a much more reasonable-sounding 559 daily visits. Years ago, when I used SiteMeter, I never saw my daily average go above about 400 unique visits per day, so for me to rocket up from 400-ish to nearly 1400 visits over the course of a decade (during which I've done little to change my blogging style and thus widen my appeal) seems, well, not quite right.

That said, I'll give myself a weak pat on the back for having increased my traffic ever so slightly over the years. If I ever managed to top 10,000 visits per day, per my current site tracker, then I might have a real reason to celebrate.

John Mac, meanwhile, is celebrating fifteen years of blogging.


John Mac said...

Well, SiteMeter says I get 150 visitors a day. That's astounding. Who knew there were so many people with nothing better to do! Thanks for the shout out, maybe I'll score of couple of your readers now.

Honestly though, I'm happy that ANYONE reads my diary but I don't promote the blog like I used to (no links on Facebook and I don't tell people I know here about it). I don't want to have to self-moderate to avoid offending one of my small-town neighbors.

Kevin Kim said...

Can't argue with that. There's a certain freedom that comes with relative anonymity.