Saturday, December 28, 2019

wir müßen arbeiten

And the word has come down from on high that, yes, we must work on January 1. Arbeit macht frei! It's at times like these that I can't stand the company I work for. But for what it's worth, I've decided to turn that frown upside-down by having a little fondue party in the office. So there's that. But there's an obstacle to our enjoyment: we've got a guy who can't have too much salt, a woman who can't have too many carbs, and another guy who can't do gluten, so I'll have to cater to everyone's needs by providing chunked-up veggies for dipping. As for me, I'll break keto again and just stick with good ol' bread. Paris Baguette makes shitty baguettes that are, ironically, perfect for dipping in and dragging through fondue cheese.

Hope your New Year's Day is better than mine!

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