Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Joe Duff's keto bread

I made that one loaf of keto bread a few months ago, and it was eggy as hell, along with being more of a cake than actual bread. The loaf did admittedly taste better after a couple days, but I still think of that experience as a failure. I've been in never-again mode ever since. Along comes "diet chef" Joe Duff, who seems to like presenting his keto-recipe vids while wearing a tank top that shows off how hairy he is (definitely a turn-off when watching food videos). I assume Joe is just showing off his muscles as part of his branding (going keto = getting pumped), so I try to overlook the hirsutism and focus on the cooking.

Joe has a keto-bread recipe that still looks cake-y in terms of the crumb, but which uses only a single egg for the entire loaf (as opposed to the seven eggs that went into the recipe I tried). The other bread ingredients look conducive to making some sort of white bread, e.g., sour cream, mozzarella, and cream cheese, along with bleached almond flour (which I finally have). Joe's recipe also calls for unflavored whey-protein powder, so I've ordered the Bob's Red Mill version of that, and it'll arrive either this weekend or sometime early next week.

Anyway, I'm stoked to try making a type of keto bread that isn't as eggy as that last loaf I'd made. Watch Joe's how-to video below, or skip over to his recipe page here. Wish me luck: I'll be making Joe's bread sometime during the next seven days.

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