Thursday, December 12, 2019

the trials and travails of John Mac

John McCrarey's house just suffered another intrusion. If a burglary is a surreptitious criminal intrusion that avoids human interaction, and a robbery is a forcible appropriation of goods through threats of violence, then whatever happened, this time, at John's place was somewhere in between: it seems to have been an attempted burglary that turned into a robbery when John's on-site housekeeper woke up, yelled, and had her cell phone stolen. Anyway, go visit John's blog and learn the full story.

See why it's a good idea to have a gun?

NB: John's first burglary incident is here.

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John Mac said...

I actually broached the topic of getting a gun in my helper's name with her (foreigners can't own guns here). She was reluctant but I asked her to at least think about it.