Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Styx on the "OK" hand-gesture witch hunt

Below: a really good vid from Styx re: a 4chan prank that has been taken as literal truth by sanctimonious idiots who have been suckered into believing that the "OK" gesture is somehow a white-power signal. It was a fucking prank, you morons!

Of course, the joke has morphed since its inception. There may now indeed be white supremacists who, just to troll the easily triggered, do use the "OK" gesture to refer to white power. At a guess, such people constitute the tiniest minority—something that leftist paranoia will not permit the left to acknowledge. For the wild-eyed left, the far right is everywhere, hiding in every closet, every dark corner, and under every rug. It's Nazis all the way down. No, my friends: as leftist Tim Pool keeps pointing out, the left's insanity is far worse, right now, than any possible madness coming from the far right. You can't play moral-equivalence games in the current climate. One side is objectively worse. Sure, I grant that that may change over time; after all, during the Dubya era, we had neocons and theocons, neither of which group is particularly happy with Donald Trump these days (good). But right now, it's quite definitely one side of the aisle that has chosen to wear the stupid hat, and it's wearing it proudly.

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