Tuesday, December 10, 2019

why I admire Sam the Cooking Guy

Sam isn't always the most articulate person in the world. He can't pronounce "unctuous" to save his life. His videos also tend to be about comfort food, so it might be easy for snobbier foodies to dismiss him as un-serious. But Sam is damn funny, and if there's one thing he's an absolute Jedi master at, it's cooking large hunks of meat to perfection. I've seen dozens or even hundreds of Sam's videos at this point, and it always amazes me how he's able to cook any steak or filet to just the right level of doneness. The video below, which features a porterhouse, is no exception. Watch and marvel when Sam cuts the meat open to reveal immaculate pinkness. He's a firm believer in the reverse-sear method: safely bake your steak or filet in the oven, low and slow, until you reach the right internal temperature, then pull the meat out and sear it for less than a minute per side in a ripping-hot cast-iron pan. I don't have such a pan (I've been hesitant about getting one because of the constant maintenance such pans need), and even if I did have one, I'm not sure I'd be able to sear a steak properly inside my apartment: the fire alarm would go off. So all I can do is watch Sam do his cooking thing, and until I get a cast-iron pan of my own and work up the nerve to risk tripping the fire alarm, that's where things must stand. Enjoy the video.

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