Sunday, December 22, 2019

hungry for some ramen?

Impressive. Most impressive.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating. I love the various cooking show series on Netflix. This is of that quality or better. I hope he is able to reopen a Ramen Shack or equivalent. I was intrigued by the whole process of making Ramen. It is almost a joke in the US as a quick, cheap meal for college kids. What he produced was a real meal.

Thanks for sharing,

Kevin Kim said...

I've heard good things about the Netflix cooking shows, but I've never seen one because I'm not on Netflix, alas.

A lot of work and love go into making good ramen. An old movie from the 1980s, "Tampopo," lovingly portrays the ramen-making process while telling a great story about a widow who gets help from two heroic cowboy types in order to get her noodle restaurant up and running.

Here in Korea, true ramen is hard to find. Most Koreans just eat the packaged crap that you referred to in your comment. A real shame.